Environmental Social Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility

Pioneering Environmental Social Governance

Transforming The Business Scene

Harmony Investment Company is a firm believer in environmental preservation and the importance of minimizing environmental impacts and going beyond that by actively working to improve the Environmental, Social, and Work conditions at every possible location in Jordan as well as existing and new projects by implementing the strictest international codes of ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14000 and ISO 45000.

Ambitious and Driven, HINCO has established its own policy and plans to reach Net-Zero Emissions by 2035 across its subsidiaries, projects, and collaborations.

HINCO’s fulfillment of its responsibilities relies on integrating social and cultural aspects along with the business and environmental targets through meticulously detailed Social, Environmental, and Economical development plans.

Leading By Example

HINCO is leading the business scene in Jordan by implementing new and disruptive technologies in Jordan and the region through its ventures and projects with an aim to improve environmental performance while creating niche business opportunities.

Through all of its projects, HINCO prioritizes offsetting all carbon emissions caused by its projects and business activities through cutting-edge technology, innovation, and expertise. Creating centers of excellence in various sectors and showcasing success and achievements to the public and supporting others to pursue this endeavor.

Active Engagement

Stemming from our own beliefs and convictions in helping, improving, and developing local and regional businesses; HINCO provides ESG consultancy and solutions in collaboration with international partners and environmental experts.

Corporate Social Responsibility


HINCO firmly believes in giving back to society and leading the way not only by developing projects and creating opportunities but also through empowering individuals and families within the local community. In our continuous efforts, we enable MSMEs and individuals through skills development and provide them with the needed tools and platforms to integrate them into the modern economy.


Through our belief in the power of knowledge and equal opportunities to raise communities, Harmonious, a charity organization founded by HINCO, will offer different opportunities for the youth and underprivileged to help them gain access to education, training, and job opportunities within HINCO’s business ecosystem.


Crafts.Jo is our first Non-Profit platform serving as an outlet dedicated to the art of hand-made items created by individual craftsmen and women from all over Jordan; The platform has started in Jordan and shall have a global presence in due course. Individually selected and quality-checked artisans with heartwarming stories will be able to share their work on the platform, sell products directly to customers globally, and utilize Crafts.Jo’s supply chain overcoming business obstacles and hassles that hinder their livelihood improvement.